Our services include classic hydrographic measurements and data processing, systemic consulting as well as surveys of ecologic questions of water bodies. The combination of often separately used measurement techniques (echosounder/sonar – penetrometer – sediment coring – ROV surveys) enable us to produce innovative results especially in the area of sediment surveys.


Like this, solutions for an optimized water body management (reservoir, gravel pit lake, impounded river, etc.) elaborated.


Our clients can be sure of a professional support for their project.



  • Single- & Multibeam Hydrography
  • Sediment detection (Sub-Bottom Profiling)
  • Sediment magnitude
  • Lakebed Classification
  • Validation with diving robots (ROV) surveys


  • Sediment coring
  • Grab sampling
  • Density measurements
  • Grain size distribution
  • Chemical parameters
  • Rheologic parameters



Consulting, Schooling and Presetations of the topics:

  • Sediment sampling
  • Echo sounding
  • Water management
  • Further topics on request