We consult you on all questions and requests concerning water measurement and sediment analysis.

Our activities include classical hydrographic surveying (bathymetry), various sediment surveys, as well as limnological, systemic services such as the study of the nutrient balance of waters. The combination of previously often individually offered measurement methods and their continuous development enables us to achieve outstanding results in the field of sediment detection (sediment thickness). The combination of echo sounders and penetrometers allows us to accurately determine the thickness of the sediment despite acoustic disturbances caused by gas in the sediment.

On this premises, tailor made solutions can be developed as an optimized planning basis for your water management. We are also happy to provide expert opinions on the planning of dredging or other remediation concepts.

Our clients can rely on professional support for every project.




  • Single- & Multibeam Hydrography
  • Sediment detection (Sub-Bottom Profiling)
  • Sediment magnitude
  • Lakebed Classification
  • Validation with diving robots (ROV) surveys
  • Dynamic freefall penetrometers (Sediment magnitude)



  • Short (<2m) sediment cores
  • Long (>2m) sediment cores
  • Chemical parameters (water & sediment)Sediment coring
  • Grab sampling
  • Density measurements
  • Grain size distribution
  • Rheologic parameters



Consulting, Schooling and Presetations of the topics:

  • Sediment sampling
  • Echo sounding
  • Water management
  • Sediment removal
  • Further topics on request