Hydrography and Sediment Assessment

Our key words: Bathymetry, Mud thickness, Sediment assessment, Sediment detection, Dredging, Water Management, Hydrography, Sediment sampling, ...



As an innovative engineering and consulting company, we combine classic hydrographic with limnologic and systemic services.



We merge hydrographic, sedimetologic as well as ecological understanding towards an improved water body management.



We take the consequences of erosion, siltation of reservoirs and eutrophication of water bodies very serious. Especially the siltation of reservoirs as a global phenomenon, with increasing follow-up costs and ecological consequences is of high importance.


We are dedicated to the objective to investigate siltation processes as precise as possible, to deliver the best possible data basis to reservoir operators for their decision making. This includes not only the survey of sediment masses but also their physical and chemical characteristics.


A contribution to the best possible environment protection and water body operation is a matter of concern to us.


Based on our experience from many years in research and the combination of often separately used measurement techniques (echosounder/sonar – penetrometer – sediment coring – ROV surveys) we are able to produce highly precise and innovative results.


Our services include hydrography, creation of versatile hydro-acoustic data sets and maps up to detailed investigation of sediments and life time assessments of reservoirs.