Single- & Multibeam Hydrography

  • Dual-Frequency measurements 200 & 38 kHz
  • WASSP-Multibeam measurements

All surveys are GPS based and the position accuracy can be adapted to the customers needs. We perform surveys up to water depths of 300m.

Sediment detection (Sub-Bottom Profiling)

  • SES 2000 Sub-bottom Profiler (INNOMAR)

The parametric sonar SES 2000 allows for a differentiation of sediment layers with penetration depths of up to 20m. High vertical and horizontal resolutions can be reached.


Sediment magnitude

Based on the processing of high frequencies (100-200 kHz) and lower frequencies (4 - 38 kHz) magnitudes of fuid mud and more consolidated sediment can be derived.

Lakebed classification

Based on sediment-specific reflectance intensity the sediment at the lake bed can be classified. Maps of changing sediment types can be created with high spatial resolution.